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Marketing Your Brand To Millennials

Marketing Your Brand To Millennials

Millennials- Why is it difficult to reach out to them? Even established brands find them tough to crack especially if they haven't previously targeted them. So how do we break through to this booming demographic? We first need to understand this tricky group and what exactly appeals to them. They usually get excited about two main things, technology and music. Focusing on creating new gadgets or even phone apps and being pop culture savvy can attract this younger crowd to your brand, old or new. Here are 3 tips on methods you could use.

Social Influencers

From commuting to dining or simply waiting, everyone is constantly fiddling with their phone. Be it playing games, surfing the web or checking their mail, everyone is literally connected to the world via social media. Technology is how they stay up to date on current events, and it’s how they stay connected to their friends and family.

They also tend to pay attention to social influencers. They include celebrities and public figures that have gathered a huge following for various reasons. Some might simply be famous, just for being famous like the Kardashians. Others are more practical in a sense that they deliver useful content and they're a reliable source to many. Getting recommendations from prolific figures can be very persuasive to consumers and positive for your brand.

Popular celebrities might sometimes be too costly for you to engage. An alternative would be to collaborate with local bloggers that fall in the same category as your product or service. They too have a large base of loyal followers that share the same interests with them. Gadgets, food, lifestyle, beauty, film and so on, you name it, there's someone out there blogging about it.

Native Advertising

Based on a study made by HubSpot, the majority of millennials don't trust traditional advertising. This makes engaging social influencers even that more effective. Indeed, millennials are almost immune to traditional advertisements. They don’t want products or services shoved in their faces. Creativity and authenticity is key to marketing to millennials.

Pay-per-click ads such as Google AdWords and sponsored social media posts like the ones on Facebook work well for targeted groups of people to notice your brand. Marketing through social media has turned into a “pay to play” space meaning the more money you pump in to your ad, the more exposure it gets.

So, create “ads” that have the look and feel of native social media content. You want millennials to engage with your offer in the most natural way possible. Even the slightest whiff of “advertisement” will push them away. One effective way to get millennials involved with your brand is to provide valuable, entertaining content that they will want to share with their friends on social media platforms. Millennials trust their friends so get them to serve as advocates. They will help drive reach, awareness, engagement and sales without you doing much!

Rewards Program

Many apps especially that ones that have an online store gives consumers the opportunity to be a part of some form of rewards program. Or something similar to the reward program, Uber successfully featured to leverage millennials’ willingness to promote and share for a reward. I mean, this system benefits all three parties. You, your friends and the brand. Win-win-win.

By combining a great experience with an attractive offer, you will have an army of brand promoters and supporters willing and able to help grow your brand with little-to-no upfront out-of-pocket funding. Discount codes are really a small price to pay for the reach of millennial supporters.

Now that you've learnt these 3 fundamentals of marketing your brand to millennials, try applying them and see the results!