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How To Invest With Infinite ROI

How To Invest With Infinite ROI

Over the last 20 years, the salary of America's average worker either decreased or had no chance whatsoever. This is also prevalent in many different countries including regions in Asia. Inflation rate and cost of living continues to grow, which means that your money buys less than it used to and you’re making less of it.

Your money's worth becomes less and less each day. In the new world of money, it’s imperative that you learn how to 'print your own money'—legally.

If you still think you’ll get ahead or even survive by getting a good job and saving money, then I strongly urge you to continue reading because what this article will teach you, will completely change your perception of 'saving money'.

Infinite Return

The ability to 'print your own money' is one of the best advantages of having financial education. The financial term for this is known as Return On Investment (ROI).

Most financial experts will tell you that a range of 5-12% is a good ROI. It is if you don't have any financial education. They'll also mention that higher the return, the higher the risk. Which is also true, if you don’t have financial intelligence.

What you ultimately want to achieve is to have an infinite ROI which is always possible with a high financial IQ.

The definition Robert Kiyosaki uses for an infinite return is “money for nothing.” More specifically, an infinite return is when you get all your money back from an investment in a cash-flowing asset, you still own that asset, and you still enjoy the cash flow month in and month out.

Business- Printing Your Own Money

Robert and Kim, his wife started their Rich Dad Company by raising money through investors, instead of forking it all out on their own. In less than three years, thanks to the growth of the business, they paid back their investors 100 percent plus an additional 100 percent to purchase back all the shares.

Today, their business puts millions into their own pockets even though they initially had none of their own money invested in it. That’s an infinite return. In other words, our business prints money for us.

Real Estate- Printing Your Own Money

Robert and Kim begin by scouting out underperforming apartment communities and purchase it the same way using money that come from investors. Next, they perform upgrades, raise rents, and increase the value of the property. They can then refinance that property tax-free and pay back the investors from the loan proceeds—while still enjoying positive cash flow. Acustomessay Once all investors are paid back, they'll still enjoy the cash flow. That too is an infinite return.

Those are just two effective and proven examples of how you can, with the right financial education, 'print your own money'.

Doesn’t it make more sense than slaving at a job to pay more in taxes, saving money in the bank and losing purchasing power, or risking your money for the long term in the stock market?