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Eve Michaels

Eve Michaels

Eve is an internationally acclaimed Transformational Makeover Expert.

She is also the founder of the Fast Track To Fabulous program, helping her clients become better, more stylish and confident. She works with all kinds of people, from celebrities and high-powered executives to salespeople and stay-at-home moms. Additionally, Eve is a motivational speaker who captivates audiences in the US, Europe and Asia.
Eve’s introduction to the world of beauty came during childhood. Her mother had been in a car accident and was institutionalized. In an effort to “heal” her mother, Eve brought her lipstick and rouge in shades of pretty pink and red. Her hope was that make-up could help her mom be pretty, feel “normal” again, and come home. And it was clear that simply applying makeup had a profound impact. Ultimately, this led to Eve’s mission to change perceptions and reflections of beauty, both inward and outward.

However, Eve was not always so intentional about her appearance. She has been in the same place as many of her clients. After three kids, the stress of starting her own business, and caring for her Alzheimer’s-stricken father, one day…it happened. She looked in the mirror, staring in dismay at her own reflection. The person looking back at her was frumpy. Flabby. Tired. Unkempt. But something shocked her even more than her deteriorating physical image: under the weight of feeling ugly, plain, and utterly exhausted, Eve’s very spirit sagged.

It was then Eve decidedly and purposefully executed an about-face. She took the necessary steps to become herself again—vivacious, healthy, energetic, exciting, sexy, and absolutely fabulous.