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6 Office Behaviours that Make Your Co-workers Hate You

6 Office Behaviours that Make Your Co-workers Hate You

You've definitely felt like causing some form of hurt, whether physically or verbally to a co-worker in one occasion or more. Well, it really is a natural human feeling. Pent up anger, the feeling of pure disgust about a fellow colleague. It's all natural but unhealthy in any workplace.

I am NOT advocating any sort of workplace violence. DO NOT hurt anyone at your office but do give them feedback and help make these behaviours go away. So with those disclaimers made, allow me to share 6 of the absolute worst, most egregiously despicable office behaviours anyone can demonstrate.    

Please be sure to share this list with your co-workers so they too can be on the lookout for these bad behaviours and know how to deal with them appropriately.

Talking Loudly

Majority of us work in half-height cubicle open workspaces. None of us want to hear your sales calls or complaining to the auntie four desks away about how annoying people in the office can be. The sound of your voice makes us cringe knowing that our work is about to be interrupted for ten minutes of your boorish blathering.

Fix: If you know that your next call is going to be a noisy one, grab a conference room or an unused office to have your conversations or even a step outside would do the whole office some good.

Butt Kissing

Sycophant. Nobody likes a suck up, a butt kisser or whatever you call it. When you kiss up, everyone knows it (including the person whose butt is being kissed).  The days of getting promoted by sucking up are (almost) dead.  Stop.   

Fix: Focus on your own performance and when you need to get the boss to agree to something, instead of kissing butt, just make a clear and compelling recommendation instead.

Nasty Habits

Don't be gross. Lacklustre grooming, keeping stale food in the fridge, nail clippings on your office floor, dirt under your fingernails and everything else that requires some basic hygienic practices.

Even if you’re not that nasty, you’re demonstrating some seriously bad behaviour that keeps you out of the executive ranks.   

Fix: Maybe a self-help book about grooming and manners will be beneficial.


You make meetings drag on by asking that last question that doesn’t need to be asked. Clarifying the obvious or bringing up off topic related concerns that doesn't involve anyone in the room.

Fix: You should learn why it’s a good idea to occasionally stop talking.  When you’re quiet, you can learn more and keep the conversation moving. 

Taking Undue Credit

Stealing credit for someone’s work is about as low as you can go, and it's also something incredibly risky. What if you cross the wrong person and they call you out for it? No matter how big or small the issue is, it would always look bad on you and the trust between your co-workers will be lost.

Fix: Do your job well and surely in time, the credit will flow.  Demonstrate what you're good at and don’t take shortcuts.  Work hard and it’ll all work out for you.

Sloppy Work

When your work is late or sent with lots or errors, your co-workers have to pick up the slack, or take an extra step telling you which areas you made mistakes. Just like everyone else in your office, you're paid to do work, so do it well.

Fix: Get feedback from your colleagues on the quality of your work and see where you need to focus and improve.  Ask for help if you’re not sure how to do something so you can get better at it and need fewer bailouts.

Let’s make our workplaces more civilised. I'm not condoning workplace violence of any sort. There are always refined and civil ways we can deal with negative workplace behaviour. If you know a co-worker who falls under any of these 6 points, provide the feedback and help them fix it.