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How Women’s Rights Have Evolved over 2 Decades

How Women’s Rights Have Evolved over 2 Decades

A whole lot has changed for women's rights since the year 1995. It all started during the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing when the landmark women's rights agreement was signed by leaders from all over the world. 

Currently, more than 130 countries have gender equality laws. The world commemorates International Woman's Day each year on the 8th of March. To celebrate this occasion and honour our women this year, we have constructed a list of 8 significant things women can do now that they couldn't 20 years ago.

1.    Women in France are now able to work at night
Up till the year 2000, a French law forbade women to work at night. 

2.    Costa Rican women can now press charges against their rapists
Before 2007, the treacherous rapists of Costa Rica were able to avoid being prosecuted by proclaiming that they'd marry the victims they raped in spite of their victim's refusal. Countries such as Guatemala, Peru, Uruguay, Ethiopia, and Morocco have also changed their similar laws.

3.    Women can now inherit property in Rwanda
Only since 1999 that women had been granted rights to the inheritance of land. Equal rights to land ownership and sales was only introduced back in 2005. 

4.    Jordanian women can now receive a reduced sentence for killing their unfaithful husbands 
Before being ammended in 2001, only men could get a reduced sentence for killing their cheating wives. This however isn't really a step forward in terms of gender equality. 

5.    Malaysian women can now press charges against husbands for marital rape
This similar right has empowered the women of Papua New Guinea, Serbia & Montenegro, and Tonga.

6.    Women in Uganda now have an option to divorce husbands that cheat
Gender equality language was used for the very first time in the 2004 Constitutional Court in Uganda to demolish a law that incited discrimination against women.

7.    Women can charge their husbands in court for physical abuse in Indonesia
Women in Jakarta Indonesia joined the One Billion Rising campaign which was a revolution aimed at ending violence against women.

8.    Women of Suriname can extend their citizenship to their children
You'd be surprised that this specific women's right is still not prevalent in a dozen countries.

Everyone here at Success Resources would like to wish all the women around the world a very Happy International Women's Day! Be proud, be strong, always.

How this change your perception about sexual equality? Were you surprised some of these laws didn't exist till recently? Share your thoughts and feelings with us in the comments below.

Source: Buzzfeed