The Best Mother's Day Gifts... Ever!

Mother’s Day is coming in about 10 days and I’ll be willing to bet that you’re still agonizing over the best way to celebrate it. Never fear, Success Resources is here to help you out! You don’t have to spend a fortune to make the day meaningful for her and you don’t have to fall back on the usual flowers and chocolates and perfume for Mother’s Day.

We’ve prepared a list of top 5 gifts you can get for you mother to appreciate her and show her how special she is that’s sure to leave a lasting impression on her.

1. Say it in your own words.
If you’re really pressed for time, the least you can do is get her a card. This is an essential part of Mother’s Day, something she can keep and also an opportunity to leave her a short message of appreciation. Even if you don’t have time to find her a present, getting her a card should be a priority. For a really personal touch, you can make the card yourself. Once you have your card, write a short message inside it telling her that you love and appreciate her and wishing her a happy Mother’s Day. If you can’t think of what to say, find a card that expresses your thoughts and underline the words and phrases that have special meaning for both of you to personalize it.

2. Say it with food.
This can be a great way to appreciate her with something you made yourself. Think of her favourite dishes and now, it’s easy to find recipes for anything online. Start experimenting and practicing something from now till mother’s day so you’ll have enough time to get it right! Make it a grand affair with classy decorations, music, and if you wish, serve her yourself or get your kids to chip in. Another great idea is to greet her with breakfast in bed. If you start her day this way, she’s almost guaranteed to love everything else you’ve planned for the rest of the day! You are showing appreciation for every meal she’s made for you and the family. On Mother’s Day, you are giving her a much-deserved break, high class service, and to be treated like a queen.

3. Say it with a thousand words.
A pictures speaks a thousand words and a portrait photography session is really a marvelous gift idea. Your mom will love this! Aside from capturing the memory of the family and the relationships you all share, it presents a perfect time for bonding.

Or, if you can’t make it to a studio, grab a favorite family photo and make it a huge blow up. Snapshots of everyday family activities and memorable moments are the best choices for this gift idea. Get it done in secret, and then hang it up somewhere in the house when she isn’t looking for a a brilliant surprise in the morning. She’ll have a keepsake that she can hang on the wall and share year after year after year. A huge photo of a beautiful moment shared by the family will be a great reminder to her of how precious her family is to her and how precious she is to her family. Even when she is living away from you, the reminder of your presence will surely make her happy throughout the year. This makes for the most perfect Mother’s Day gifts ever!

4. Say it with a more than a thousand words.
A good book is a perfect companion for Mom in her quiet “me” time. Not only will it keep her entertained, but it will also help her broaden her knowledge and wisdom. Reading a good book is also a healthy means of temporary relief from the stress and pressure of everyday life – something that every Mom needs from time to time and rightfully deserves. If she has a hobby, get her a book that will suit her interests and help her hone her craft. A book will send her the message that emphasizing the importance of her having some quiet “me” time. What better way to spend that quiet time than to read a good book, right?

5. Say it with music.
If you can afford to buy your Mom an iPod or an mp3 player, then load it up with a playlist of her favorite tunes from yesteryears. Select those you know will conjure happy memories. A cheaper alternative would be to burn the playlist onto a CD and perhaps customize a label, too. You may not be able to take her back to specific places and time in her past, but doing this for her would tell her that you love her so much that you wanted to try to make it possible for her to relive all her fondest, happiest memories even if it’s only through memorable music from the past.

If you’re one of those gifted in singing, sing it to her. You could do a recording and it doesn’t have to sound professional. Or maybe write her a song and sing it to her. Or better yet, perform it live! Your own song will forever live on and can even be passed on to the next generation to listen and sing to. What a great way to leave a family legacy!

And, here’s a bonus idea:

6. Say it with a priceless gift
We’ll be honoring all mothers at the National Achievers Congress this year so if you haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late. Make her feel special by giving her the priceless gift of a learning experience that will last a lifetime and celebrate it together with all of us here at Success Resources when we surprise all the special women in our lives will receive an exclusive gift!

5 Critical Skills for Successful Sales: Part 3

Everyone is born with an innate desire to serve. A very successful friend of mine who is a realtor in Denver says it this way: I focus on customer service for several reasons. First of all I need to make a game out of what I do. I found that most buyers and often sellers are very uneducated in the home-buying/selling process. Many agents wouldn’t care as long as they got the sale. I won’t operate that way. I want sellers and buyers to have a good experience with real estate. I found that if I focus on customer service I have more ways of keeping in touch with past clients and thus referrals from them.

For example, I send out a copy of their appropriate closing documents (so they don’t have to dig them up) that they will need for their accountant to do their taxes. I put together a notebook for buyers and one for sellers. It has pictures of my office with a history, lender information, a section on myself, how to reach me, etc., marketing techniques, my customer service in writing, copy of contracts, net sheet, the home buying or selling process and so on. I find that buyers seem to like these notebooks the best. They carry them around whenever we get together. I guess bottom line I like to keep in touch with past clients and use them as a source of business. Most clients tell me I’m more like a friend.

Sales is about taking the time and care to discover what someone really needs and then finding the solutions to that need. I have seen many accomplished salespeople with great initial numbers, great technique and great command of the product and the industry fail because they didn’t care anymore and had no capacity to serve. They became demoralized and upset as their numbers dropped. Sadly, without addressing their problem they move on to other companies or products or territories, only to produce the same gut-wrenchmg rollercoaster results. A sale is just the beginning, not the end of a customer relationship.

I remember a very ambitious and highly talented guy named Fred who could charm the socks off anyone. For his first year selling insurance for a large, well-known firm, he broke every record. He was awesome.

Somehow, after that first year, his sales plateaued and then began a steady decline. He pushed hard, put in a lot of effort and time, yet he could not seem to replicate his rookie performance.

He had no repeat business while others sold bigger and bigger policies to their existing customers. Frustrated with his results, he assumed that it was the insurance business that
was the cause of his problems and decided to look for an alternative industry so he could rediscover his initial success.

A good friend turned him on to a very hot network marketing opportunity. Once again his numbers took off as before but within months he had reached the same plateau. This time, however, his director spent some time observing and coaching him.

His director asked, “How much time do you spend with the people you enrol?” Fred’s answer was typical: “I spend enough time for them to understand the program and then I look for more sales.” Fred’s problem was that he was focused on pure sales. His chief concern was how much he could sell and how fast he could sell it.

He committed very little of his time to support those that he had introduced to the program. This was the same problem that he had in insurance. In fact, he could barely remember why any of his clients had ever bought from him in either business.

Luckily for Fred, his director was a skilled Dog Trainer. He gave Fred an assignment. He was to go back and talk to every client he had ever sold insurance to and every person he ever enrolled and ask them why they purchased and what value they saw in the products. Fred was angry. “That will take forever! If I do that I will never make any sales!” Nonetheless he complied.

After a couple of weeks he sat down with his director again. This was a new Fred. He learned about the anguish and hope of a young family striving to make ends meet and to protect their future. He learned about how a simple marketing opportunity had taken one of his customers from rags to riches. In the process, he uncovered a wealth of information, insight and glowing testimonials.

The stories were always there, but he had never taken the time to listen. Fred’s sales skyrocketed after that, and since then he has created his own network marketing company and is making millions. He tells all of his marketers, with whom he conducts regular training sessions, to simply look for a way to serve the customer. Even if your product can’t do it, help them find a way to accomplish their goals. His favorite expression is, “Trust me… the service road becomes the fast road!”

There have been times I lost sales in order to accommodate the true needs of the customer. I lost sales, but never lost those customers, and I made up those momentary losses with bigger sales later on. All because I was willing to serve their needs first. That has got to be the passion!

The definition of sales IS NOT simply getting someone to buy. Sales IS making someone’s life better in some way. That is service!

Inspire your team and remind them of the service that they are providing to others. You can never overemphasize this. You must touch their hearts so that they will do the same with their prospects. That is where all meaningful decisions are made.

This article was adapted from “SalesDogs: You Do Not Have to Be an Attack Dog to Explode your Income!” by Blair Singer, top sales and leadership coach. Success Resources is pleased to introduce the “Sales and Leadership Mastery Introductory Workshop: Generate More Sales Fast By Exploding Your Ability to Sell and Communicate.” For more details and to register for this workshop, click here.

Asian Powerhouses

So far, we’ve focussed on introducing you to our International speakers from all over the world who will be joining us at the National Achievers Congress. While we do value our foreign talent, we believe it’s worthwhile to highlight who you’ll be hearing from locally and in the region. Our speakers from Asia are heavyweights in their own right and you can certainly look forward to learning from their own innovative, culture-shocking, industry leading expertise that will give you the edge in your business and investments.

Ewen Chia

Since starting as an early Internet business pioneer in 1997, Ewen has truly come a long way from his humble beginnings.

After graduation, he held a sales and marketing job, struggling to make ends meet just like every working person. Striving to earn extra income, he started learning and experimenting with the internet business in 1997. For 5 full years, he worked on his internet business part-time, every single day from 11pm – 3am while still holding a full-time day job.

Ewen was extremely motivated to succeed to build a better life for his family and to clear credit card debts. After years of perseverance, learning and very little sleep, he started to make real money online and it hasn’t stopped since.

From his experience as a self-taught internet entrepreneur, he decided to teach other people and companies how to use the internet to create massive wealth. He created many proven materials, both online and offline, to teach Internet entrepreneurship around the world to help people. His results speak for themselves – brand new internet business he set up generated US$100,000.00+ in less than 30 days. Many people following his teachings have been able to quit their day jobs and make their own income online.

In February 2009, Ewen finally launched his first ever print book, “How I Made My First Million On The Internet and How You Can Too”. Within 24 hours of launch, Ewen’s first print book made internet marketing history by hitting the #1 MAIN BESTSELLER LISTS on both Amazon and Barnes & Nobles at the same time!

Ewen is a highly sought after international speaker who has toured around the world sharing his Internet business knowledge while helping thousands of people. He is passionate about teaching the internet business because it can truly help people live a better life and achieve dreams. In fact, anyone who is willing to learn, put in effort and take positive action can change their life with the internet!

Sean & Cayden

Sean Seah first became interested in Finances and the Stock Market when he studied Economics in the University. When he started working, he continued his Financial Education by attending Stock Market courses available in the market, diving right into the Stock Market using the strategies he had learnt.

Within weeks, he lost 5 figure sums of money and this made him realize that he needed to master the fundamentals instead of trying to beat the market with “tricks”. He began to invest time and effort to study the fundamentals of Value Investing. And when he entered the market once more, he was better armed. His effort paid off and his investments began to compound and he recouped all his initial losses.

Based on sound investing principles, he formulated a set of strategies to reduce risk by capturing returns using market derivatives. For the past years, even in the worst times, Sean has been consistently making streams of income from the stock market on a yearly as well as monthly basis. To date, he has successfully trained thousands of participants to strategize their finances and how make their money work for them.

Cayden Chang is the Director and Founder of Mind Kinesis Management International LLP. He received his Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer’s license from Dr Tad James who is the founder of Time Line Therapy Association and American Board of NLP (ABNLP). As a former Assistant Vice President in a listed company, he heads a team of managers in charge of a business with an annual turnover of more than $300 million dollars and more than 2,000 staff.

With a strong passion about learning and inspiring others to learn, he founded the company Mind Kinesis Management International LLP with a mission “To motivate and empower people to reach their destiny” by helping adults and children. He has also co-founded an award-winning educational board game (Ministry of Education Innergy award 2003), which was featured in Channel 8, Channel U, Kids Central and LianHeZaoBao.

He has also received the Lifelong Learners Award 2008 from the Minister of Manpower, Mr Gan Kim Yong, on 18th Nov 2008 and he was featured in “TODAY” newspaper, 938Live Online News & Mediacorp Xin.Sg. His mission in life is “To motivate and empower people to reach their destiny”. Today, Cayden has touched the lives of thousands of people through his innovative programmes.

Ray Zhang

Ray Zhang built his business empire from scratch and over the last 16 years rose to lead a multi-billion dollar, diverse group of companies in the Ba Su Mu Group.

He tirelessly works to innovate and create new markets and his controversial ideas and approach has revolutionized whole industries. His exploits cover a broad range from equity investment, financial services, pawn, medical, automotive services, the training of education, culture, media, brand design, film and television, mobile and Internet services.

With his novel and unique approach to entrepreneurship, Ray will ignite your imagination and present his fresh ideas for doing business in this fast-paced world.

Takafumi Horie

While still a student at the prestigious University of Tokyo, Takafumi Horie became obsessed with the potential of the internet when he took on a job with an internet services company.

Eventually, Mr Horie dropped out of university to set up his own internet company. Its web services business steadily and in 2000, just four years following its founding, Mr Horie managed to take the company public, reaping a fortune for himself and his close aides.

The listing helped to ensure that the fledgling company would weather the internet bust that wiped out many similar ventures. Mr Horie quickly gained a reputation for his aggressive M&A tactics, buying companies and turning them around to add to his growing stable of businesses.

In 2004 alone, his group – by then renamed Livedoor – acquired 16 companies.

No stranger to controversy, Horie challengied the conventional business practices in Japan, trying to buy a baseball team, and attempted to take over Nippon Broadcasting from Fuji Television Network.

He succeeded at becoming a headline grabbing household name. “Horiemon,” named after the beloved blue robot cat “Doraemon,” even ran for political office in 2005. Horie represented a new breed of businessman in Japan who was willing to take on the establishment.

The speed of his rise to fame and fortune was equally matched by his downfall. In 2006, he was found to have fabricated earnings for Livedoor and was hit with a record-breaking fine and forced to delist its shares. He was convicted of fraud and jailed in 2011. He lost weight behind bars, but not his knack for publicity, gathering over 1 million Twitter followers and 1,700 Facebook contacts.

Regardless of what you think of him personally, he still has a lot of influence and the fact can’t be denied – he is a visionary. Before he burst onto the business scene, only 2.2% of the adult population was engaged in new business activity. Now 4% of Japanese are involved.

Now Japan is waiting to see what he will do next. Itching to pick up where he left off, he wants to pursue commercial space rocket development and an e-mail magazine businesses. But first, the next big thing on his agenda is he’s coming to Singapore! He’ll be Live at the National Achievers Congress and we’re honored to have him as our opening speaker.

Join us at the event and you’ll have the opportunity to gain insights from the collective knowledge of all our featured speakers from a unique Asian perspective. Hear them share about their experiences, the lessons they’ve learnt, stretch your old ways of thinking and be inspired to live your wildest dreams.

Turning Your

Happy Labour Day! Right around this time, we often hear speeches about upgrading ourselves, and raising productivity to build a better economy and a better place for all of us to live and work. In other parts of the world, workers plan protests demanding higher wages, shorter working hours, better benefits and social support.

As we prepare to celebrate Labour Day at Success Resources, we don’t just want to complain about how much better things should be, neither do we want to offer “motherhood statements” to encourage you to improve your performance by being “cheaper, better, and faster.” We want to save you from experiencing emergency “mayday” situations in your work life and offer you solutions on how you can be more productive in everything you do.

So here’s 12 ways you can keep your work life from crashing and burning:

Plan Your Time
Everyone has a certain time of the day in which they are more productive than others. You can’t always be working at optimum productivity. Instead, you should shoot for working in short bursts at your most productive times. Find out when your prime time is for productivity and optimize your work schedule accordingly. Prioritize your tasks ahead of time. By listing your tasks in order of importance, you can make sure that you finish all of your most important tasks during the day.

Maintain the Momentum
Just start. Often times, starting is the hardest part. Once you get going, you will quickly get into a rhythm that could last for hours. Complete your most dreaded tasks first thing in the morning. Whichever activity you are dreading the most is probably the one you need to complete first thing in the morning. Don’t multitask. Research has shown that multitasking is not productive. Focus on one thing at a time.

Make Lists & Take Notes
Keep multiple lists: the short-term must-dos and the longer-term items. Also clearly define the tasks that can be delegated, and then actually delegate them! Don’t set yourself up for failure by starting each day with an unrealistically long agenda. Keep a notebook and pen on hand at all times. This way, you can write down your thoughts, to-dos, and ideas at any time. The key is to get everything out of your head and onto paper. You’ll save yourself the stress of lying awake at night sweating crucial details you’re sure you’ve forgotten.

Clear Your Mind
Take a few minutes, several times a day, to calm and clear your mind. Walking around the block or just stepping away from your computer screen can help you stay much more mentally fresh and focused.

Eliminate Unnecessary Meetings
Face-to-face communication is essential (email is fraught with misinterpretation), but be ruthless about protecting your time. Refrain from having meetings that aren’t absolutely necessary.

Learn How To Say “No”
It’s only two letters but it can be the hardest word to get out. As much as you want to be helpful, you can’t do everything and therefore you must learn when to say no in order to save your sanity.

Manage Distractions
Try to check your email only at designated times during the day. Do not have an alert flashing on your computer every time a new e-mail comes in. Keep your e-mails short, and write fewer of them. If you don’t need it for work, save Facebook for home and turn Twitter off during the work day. While most distractions should be avoided, sometimes a bit of soft music in the background can help you focus and even improve your creative process.

Create Systems for Common Tasks
This works best for tasks that you have to repeat. This lets you complete them on “autopilot” and frees your mind to focus on other more important things.

Clear Off Your Desk
The piles of paper around your desk can be a huge barrier on your productivity. Spend the last 15 minutes of each workday cleaning off your desk. Trash what you don’t need and file things once a day. Touch any piece of paper once. Act on it, and move on.

Use The Time You Save
Boosting productivity isn’t just about making sure things get done and feeling more in control along the way. It’s about freeing up time for deeper, creative thinking–perhaps about new products or other ways to generate revenue (or to cut costs). Schedule stretches of creative time throughout the day–mute your phone’s ringer, close your door, avoid e-mail and think. As you go throughout your day, repeatedly ask yourself, “Am I currently making the best possible use of my time?” This one simple question can be an excellent boost to your productivity.

Set Goals & Enjoy Your Wins
Set some exciting goals. Without worthy goals, you will never be motivated to get things done. Then celebrate when you fulfill them; making a sale, receiving a good testimonial or closing a deal, or meeting a target.

Love What You Do
This is the ultimate way to increase your productivity.

If you feel the need to discover your passion and make money doing what you love, or to be inspired to dream bigger in your business, we want to encourage you to join us at the National Achievers Congress. You’ll learn from our expert panel of 15 speakers in investment, business, entrepreneurship, and personal development on how to make your life truly free from “Labour.” Grab your ticket here today!

How to Win Consistently in Forex Trading

Most people will think that success in Forex trading depends entirely on the system or trading strategy you use. In truth, it doesn’t. What it actually depends on, the foundation upon which true success as a trader is built is your mindset and psychology – how you think and feel about the market and how you react to it.

Forex websites trying to sell some indicator or robot-based trading system won’t tell you this, because they want you to believe in their products and that you can make money with them. That’s the source of most of the stories you hear about people who attempt Forex trading and lose money. They come into the market with unrealistic expectations, such as thinking they are going to quit their jobs after a month of trading or thinking they are going to turn $1,000 into $100,000 in a few months. They create a mindset that pressures them with the need to make money and end up trading emotionally – the fastest way to LOSE your money.

I have a friend that says, “I’m not here to be your friend. A friend will tell you what you want to hear. I’m here to be your BEST friend, someone who will tell you what you NEED to hear.” While it is very important to have an effective and uncomplicated trading strategy, it is even more important to manage your emotions around your trades. You need both to experience long-term success in trading.

Before you even start thinking about trading and risking your hard earned money, before we even start discussing strategy, if you feel you want to explore trading as a means of growing your income and wealth portfolio, you need to enter the market with the right mindset.

The first thing you need to understand is that trading is a discipline. It is a long-term game of probabilities, you will win some trades, you will lose on some trades, but as long as you a disciplined enough to stick to your trading strategy, to not be emotionally attached to your losses, or worse your wins, you will tend to make more winning trades than losing trades and nett a profit.

You need to know what your trading strategy is and you need to master it. You have to know it inside and out and have absolutely no doubts or questions about that the market needs to look like before you risk your money in a trade. You have to become a “sniper.” Once the market conditions match your strategy criteria, you place your trade, without the fear holding you back.

Risk Management
You always, ALWAYS manage your risk on EVERY single trade. The moment you loosen your control over your trades, you allow emotion to creep in and before you know it, you’re in a downward spiral of emotional Forex trading and losing trades. Only risk the money you are prepared to lose in every trade. In fact, you should go in expecting to lose on any given trade so that you’re constantly aware of the very real possibility of it happening.

You need to be very organized. Have a trading plan and journal to track your trades consistently. Think of Forex trading as a business rather than placing a bet in a casino. Invest with your calculator and not your heart, stay calm in your dealings with the market.

Again, keeping your Forex trading mindset right is the outcome of always taking a conscious effort to practice, manage, and control your emotions when it comes to trading.

If you want to know more strategies in Forex trading, Marcus de Maria will be at be at the National Achievers Congress in Singapore. Find a winning trading strategy that works for you and see how you can apply it to your wealth creation plan. Sign up here today!

5 Critical Skills for Successful Sales: Part 2

Some sales and business people will be scared off by this and claim, “Well, I am not good at speaking to groups.” It is a well-known fact that public speaking ranks higher than death in the list of top ten fears. My answer to that is, “Learn how now!” Speaking well is the most powerful sales tool you can have. If you ignore it, your income will suffer.

The ability to communicate confidently in front of people not only enhances your own confidence but presents you as a credible authority, a leader. You become the one everyone wants to talk to because you’re the expert, you’re the one with the answers. This is an extremely valuable perception to have on your side when you approach a prospect.

Unfortunately, most speakers are either talking at a hundred miles per hour or the monotone, scarcely coherent ones droning on endlessly, or the self-absorbed ones trying to be cute, clever and witty. To be an effective speaker, you must also develop important speaking skills in order to hold your audience.

Some say it is OK if you get 15 percent of the audience interested. Rubbish! Your goal is to enroll 1OO percent of the audience every time. You want to have everyone interested in talking to you further, wanting to buy from you, wanting more information from you or just plain excited about the experience of hearing you.

And this is how you do it:

Earn the Right
Who are you and why are you different? It is critical that you learn how to earn undisputed credibility quickly and easily and the quickest way is to tell your personal story. Your past can uncover gems that will instill confidence and respect in the minds of all of your attendees. These are honest experiences that tell the group that you know what you are talking about without boasting.

Invite Response
A friend of mine said it well: “Selling is not TELLING.” Most presenters spend so much time telling everyone about the incredible data that they have they don’t stop to explain exactly how it is going to benefit them. Selling is the art of asking the right questions
to generate interest, create the process of discovery, build rapport and truly demonstrate your interest in the prospect.

Acknowledge Others
You must know how and when to acknowledge your audience and when to invite them to share their experiences in a way that raises the probability of sales. Without this interaction the presentation is at best dull and boring or at worst, one-sided and patronizing.

Identify and Confront Silent Issues
Good presenters should be able to sense the mood and energy of a room. If they sense skepticism, confusion, doubt or any negative vibration, rather than glossing over it, they should address it immediately and directly. “I get a sense that there is some doubt about what I am saying. Who would care to say how they feel about the information that I just delivered?” The energy of the room jumps up and the feeling of being disconnected from the group begins to subside. This is extremely valuable because you are addressing objections before they build up against you.

Listening is obviously a critical skill in sales, yet few people are good at it. In a presentation it is important to focus and listen to what participants have to say ALL THE WAY THROUGH. The natural tendency is to try to gauge the intent and nature of the question as fast as you can and be ready with a good answer. While this is admirable and efficient, this is the very reason most people are such poor listeners. The moment your mind begins to ponder an answer is the moment you stop listening. If you listen and stop thinking of the next witty comeback while someone is talking, two things will happen:
First, you will build an incredible connection with the person speaking, because he will sense your focus at both a conscious and subconscious level.
Second, you will hear valuable information about the person’s emotional concerns and thoughts on the issues being raised. The most important part of any conversation is revealed at the end of a person’s comments. So if you “zone out,” you will miss the real
selling signals! These critical elements of feedback are where the clues, hints and insights are hidden. It is these gems that will allow you to ask specific questions in order to address the client’s needs. Listening well also develops a more trusting and respectful relationship, which will encourage a positive buying decision.

Ask and Solicit Lots of Questions
Whether you are presenting in front of a group or are in a one-to-one interview, you must continue to ask questions and encourage your audience to do the same. It is in this process that prospects’ interest is developed, the relationship between the speaker and the participants is built and a working dialogue begins.

Turn Features into What’s In It For Me (WIIFM) Benefits
Every basic sales training course tells you that customers make their decision to buy based upon the perceived benefit of your product or service. They will never buy features unless they are made relevant to their needs.
Do NOT use your time in front of the audience to simply list features. Don’t assume anyone will bridge the mental gap between a feature and the benefit it provides him or her. That’s your job. YOU HAVE TO TELL THEM! For example, “This insurance policy has an increasing cash value. This is important to you because you can borrow from it tax-free in the future and thus reduce the money that you pay in taxes each year without reducing your actual income.”

You don’t have to be a pro at this, and fill the Expo, but you have to start somewhere. Start small and hone your skill!

This article was adapted from “SalesDogs: You Do Not Have to Be an Attack Dog to Explode your Income!” by Blair Singer, top sales and leadership coach. Success Resources is pleased to introduce the “Sales and Leadership Mastery Introductory Workshop: Generate More Sales Fast By Exploding Your Ability to Sell and Communicate.” For more details and to register for this workshop, click here.

So, You Want to Lose Weight

If you believe you can’t lose weight, you’re probably right. Diets don’t work for you, and although you know you should eat healthy, you find yourself in a cycle where eating gives you comfort and that’s the one true thing in your life.

The truth is, you can lose weight, and live a life of passion and freedom. First you must gain clarity about what’s driving your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and ultimately, your day-to-day behaviour.


Ready for a change?

Whether it’s weight loss or something else you believe is impossible for you, you’ll discover how to transform your limiting beliefs and effect lasting changes in your life at Unleash the Power Within with Anthony Robbins. Sign up here today!

Decisions and Destiny

Most people think that biography is destiny, that the past equals the future. And you know what? It can—but only if you live there. Any study of history shows that the difference in human beings comes down to one thing: an ability to harness the power of decision, often in spite of adverse conditions. The history of our world is the result of decisions.

So what makes the difference in the quality of people’s lives? What is the single factor that shapes and controls our ultimate destiny?

“Success and failure are not overnight experiences. It’s the small decisions along the way that cause people to fail or succeed.” – Anthony Robbins

It’s the power of decision that caused Rosa Parks to remain in her seat and state, “No, I will not go to the back of the bus.” It took a forceful decision to compel an unarmed man to stand in front of a tank at Tiananmen Square. It was the strength of decision that led President John F. Kennedy to declare that an American would be first to walk on the moon by the end of the 1960s.

Decision is the ultimate power—and there are three core decisions each of us makes every moment we’re alive. These decisions have the capacity to empower, advance, frustrate or derail us, depending on what we choose:

Decision 1: What are you going to focus on?

Do you focus on things you’re excited about or things you fear? Whatever you focus on, you experience. Wherever focus goes, energy flows.

Decision 2: What does this mean?

Is this the end or the beginning? Are you being punished or rewarded? The minute you decide to focus on something, you give it a meaning. How you define an event produces emotion and determines how you feel going forward.

Decision 3: What are you going to do?

Are you going to give up or follow through? The meanings we assign to events influence what actions we take as a result. It’s our decisions, not our conditions, that ultimately shape the quality of our lives. At any moment the decision you make can change the course of your life forever.

Make the decision to transform your life at Unleash the Power Within with Anthony Robbins. Start living your life of your dreams and desires instead of letting it run outside of your control. Sign up here today!

How to Create a Breakthrough

What is a Breakthrough?

It’s a moment when everything changes—when what seemed impossible suddenly becomes possible, and you no longer settle for anything less than extraordinary. Breakthroughs are the reason people succeed and companies thrive, no matter what’s going on around them.

There are literally thousands of triggers, but a lasting breakthrough requires a change in one or all of these elements:

A New Strategy

A better way to do something that changes the result overnight. Most people think of success as simply a matter of finding the right strategy by itself. If you’ve ever thought about making a change, from growing your business to shedding a few pounds, you know there are a million strategies out there—some good, some bad, all claiming to be “the answer.” But all those answers beg the question: If it’s that easy, why aren’t we all living lives of mental, physical and financial wealth?

Strategies are an important part of success, but they’re only one-third of a much bigger equation. The real problem is often the second element…

Our Story

Our personal narrative often keeps us from finding the keys that can help us to be most effective and transform the quality of our lives. We all have stories about why we can or cannot achieve something.

When you change your story, you change your life. People who succeed don’t develop stories about why they can’t do something. Their stories are about how they will achieve their goals, no matter what. With an empowering story, individuals tend to find effective strategies. To get to that empowering story, however, we have to deal with the final and most important element of all…

Our State

The psychological and emotional state we are in at any moment in time tends to shape our story. We all develop emotional patterns—moods—that filter how we look at our lives. The states we go into most then become the most powerful filter of all. This filter determines whether or not we find the strategies necessary to succeed and whether or not we come up with a story that will empower us.

Only after your state and story are truly aligned with your desired outcomes can you identify the strategies and make the decisions that will lead you to success. One moment is all it takes: With a new state, a new story and a new strategy, life will never be the same again. Create your breakthrough now!

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Follow the Leader

Some say great leaders are born, not made. While there are some born leaders, the majority have spent time honing their leadership skills through extensive practice. Everyone can lead so, if you’re still learning to be one, you need to know the five vital ingredients to be a highly effective leader in your teams.

1. Trust
High performing leadership teams have a trust built from knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses, trust built from having real conversations about real issues and working together to solve problems. Without trust people wear masks, hiding how they really feel about issues. They hold back, not wanting to commit in case they don’t have the support of their peers.

2. Conflict
This might come as a surprise, but the second most important ingredient for leadership teams is conflict. I’m not talking about yelling and screaming or emails with cc’s and bcc’s – these are signs that the team is not effective at handling conflict. Whenever there exists two or more perspectives, there WILL be conflict and people need to be comfortable with this because it leads to much better strategic thinking. A lack of effective conflict leads to some people behaving aggressively and others passively leading to resentment and poor performance. Effective teams use assertive and authentic communication to share what they think, feel, need, want, or believe in a way that encourages others to share what they think, feel, need, want, or believe so that consensus can be reached.

3. Commitment
With effective conflict, leadership teams can reach commitment. I like to use the “5L scale” to see how close to consensus a team is: Love it, Like it, Live with it, Lament it and Loathe it. If any of the team members are at the still at the last 2 L’s more discussion is required. A committed team has everyone working the plan, no fence sitters or saboteurs. If the decision in a meeting causes you any discomfort, you must argue as strongly against that decision according to the level of discomfort you feel.

4. Accountability
With a commitment comes accountability. Self-leaders are responsible for themselves and accountable to the goals they set and the behaviors they agree to. In a highly effective leadership team members hold themselves and each other accountable for the actions they agreed to. Performance is visible to each member of the team and each member can ask each other, “Am I doing what I agreed to?” and expect healthy feedback.

5. Focus on Results
The final ingredient is a focus on results. Effective teams know why they are working towards a goal, how they will go about it and what success looks like. This flows naturally from accountability, which takes care of the ‘how’ and in turn, takes care of the ‘what’. The team shold constantly ask, “Is what we are doing taking us closer to our results?” Once they achieve any milestone, outcomes must be celebrated!

So, in summary, the formula for effectively leading teams goes like this:
Trust allows effective conflict
Conflict leads to commitment
Commitment facilitates accountability
Accountability creates a focus on results
And results build trust

Andrew Bryant considers it a privilege and pleasure to work with teams and he’ll be at this year’s the National Achievers Congress in Singapore. Get the help you need to lead yourself and your teams more effectively when you sign up for the National Achievers Congress here!

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